Shawndrea Witwicki – Beaded Mitts with Mink Fur Cuff Trim.




Beautiful beaded flowers on brown cow hide (Alaska Split is the other name) with beautiful light brown mink fur cuffs.

Additional information

Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14.5 × .8 cm

Pink, Red

About the Artist

Shawndrea Witwicki

My name is Shawndrea Witwicki, I am a self taught Métis Beader, Painter and many other arts I have traded knowledge to learn. My business name reflects from my spirit name which is Kinew-a-sheek , my business name is Kinew-Sunrise. My goal is to continue to create and share mu knowledge or guide anyone who wants to educate themselves also, I have now made a living by word of mouth. My family name is Lavalle from St. Laurent Manitoba, Although I was apart of a broken generation I am trying my best to learn and teach the next generations to come so our culture wont be lost ever again. I have taught in a few school classes ran beading classes in my home, and now my art is carried in 3 stores in Winnipeg, and now 4 here at the MMF.
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