Shawndrea Witwicki

My name is Shawndrea Witwicki, I am a self taught Métis Beader, Painter and many other arts I have traded knowledge to learn. My business name reflects from my spirit name which is Kinew-a-sheek , my business name is Kinew-Sunrise.

My goal is to continue to create and share mu knowledge or guide anyone who wants to educate themselves also, I have now made a living by word of mouth. My family name is Lavalle from St. Laurent Manitoba, Although I was apart of a broken generation I am trying my best to learn and teach the next generations to come so our culture wont be lost ever again.

I have taught in a few school classes ran beading classes in my home, and now my art is carried in 3 stores in Winnipeg, and now 4 here at the MMF.

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