Rag Treasure Doll Co – Moccasins




Handmade for 18" Dolls

Additional information

Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8.5 × .8 cm

Blue, Black

About the Artist

Grace Ponchon

Established in 2015, Rag Treasure Doll Co. has been the creative home of Grace Ponchon. Grace began sewing as a teenager and has continued this passion ever since. Of all of her many sewing projects throughout the years, sewing doll clothes was the one that gave her the most fulfillment. Grace’s adorable outfits are reimagined, designed and carefully sewn with sustainability in mind using recycled, good quality, pre-worn clothing. Each seam is professionally finished with noticeably fine detail. So many styles to choose from. Recently inspired by family history, Grace has begun to create doll clothes that reflect her family’s past. As far back as she can remember her family shared stories of their rich Métis heritage and the culture and importance of this new Nation. Her family’s relationship to Louis Riel has always been of key importance. Her maternal grandmother was Louis’s niece, Sara Riel. When Grace was born, she and her mother, Pauline, moved into the now historic Riel House where she lived for the first few months of her life. Having raised six children of her own, Grace firmly believes in the importance of children seeing their own identity and experiences reflected in their play. Equally important is that they can see the identity and experiences of others. Diverse play items are important for all children. As a Métis person and owner of Rag Treasure Doll Co. Grace’s hope is to help children develop their social and emotional development through positive play. Rag Treasure Doll Co. endeavors to make available doll clothes for children that value and respect diversity in our modern world.
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