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Tanis Gagne – Owl Painting


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Hand Painted Owl by Tanis Henderson. 8×10.

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Dimensions 12 × 8.5 × .8 cm

About the Artist

Tanis Gagne

I was born in 1970 September 15. My grandpa on my father's side was Joseph Henderson and his family immigrated from North Dakota. We have traced our lineage to Cuthbert Grant yes the Cuthbert Grant who's named in honor of the Cuthbert Grant Mill on Portage Ave. I have proof of that when we did our lineage for our Métis status cards. My grandpa was a apart of one of the Residential Schools in Saskatchewan. I have a daughter who is nine years old this November, and my goal is to be apart of the growth of our Métis family hee in Manitoba. My art has always been my passion and love. I am a unique artist that likes her work simple but have people want to know what my art is and want to share the longing to just jump into my paintings and just stay there. My mother told me that I must be painting what some portions of heaven look like. I am self taught but my mentor is Bob Ross even though he never taught me personally but my love of painting came on more as I watched him. I have always loved to draw. My first drawing was Snoopy on his dog house. My medium is acrylic right now but I want to get back into my oil paintings. I will send a few of those to show you. Unfortunately I don't have any oil paintings just now as I have given them away to people. I have also written a children's book. I have a copy of it around somewhere. I self published it but never got it on the book shelves. One day perhaps I will have it published.  When I seen it finally in book form and finished finally after 30 years that was one accomplishment besides having my daughter I was completely thrilled about. My mom would have loved to stick around to actually see my paintings in your store and finally see me succeed in my passion for art. After I hopefully start selling my art I want to take some of the profits and share with Palliative Care as they where amazing with us and took amazing care of my mom in her last days. I am hoping that my mom found her favourite spot in one of my paintings her part of heaven. That is another reason we'll several other than I wrote here that I want to keep on painting so my mom will have a place to visit.  
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