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Shay-Lynn Thomas – Silver Pearl Hub White beaded Earrings


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Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 × .8 cm

About the Artist

Shay-Lynn Thomas

Shay-Lynn Thomas is a Red River Métis Youth born and raised in a very small tight knit Métis community in the Southeast Region. Shay-Lynn has expressed herself through art in many ways since childhood including free-hand drawing and painting. In her late teens, she learned how to bead at a local workshop and had picked up on the different techniques very quickly. Shay-Lynn has used beading as a healing mechanism, and it continues to be therapeutic for her during stressful times. Shay-Lynn has also taught many citizens how to bead throughout the Southeast Region and strives to keep the unique art of Métis. Beading alive in her family, and for many generations to come.

All of her artwork is created by hand with hides, felts, wools and furs. These are a traditional way to create clothing and indigenous art.  She only works on her art when "she is in the mood to create". Every project she creates is made with dedication, and passion, each one has a story behind it. Her patterns are all thought out and personal to her and each piece she creates helps her mind escape stress and anxiety. The patterns and colours she chooses for a a project allows her energy and emotions to be captured in the piece.
  • The use of blue: Represents her younger self
  • The use of Orange represents "Every Child Matters"
  • The use of Metis Flowers embraces her Métis culture and respect for the Métis
  • She creates with others with projects
  • She creates personally for others
  • She helps others create personal pieces for themselves
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