Quen T-essentielle Aromatherapy – Personal Inhaler Blanks


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Take your favourite diffuser blend anywhere you go witha personal inhaler blank.

Just add 20 drops of your favourite blend on the wick, insert the wick in the tube, put the cap on, and twist the lid to inhale the wonderful blend!

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Dimensions 6 × 10 × .8 cm

About the Artist

Quen T-Essentielle

Hello! I am Janice Quennelle, and I am the owner of Quen T'essentielle Aromatherapy. My aromatherapy journey started many years ago, but my aromatherapy business started back in 2017. I was a certified reflexologist and had a lot of clients asking about using essential oils and aromatherapy in their sessions. After doing a bit of research and speaking with my then massage therapist, I took the plunge and signed up for the aromatherapy course. Just over a year later I successfully completed the course and passed the certification exams and was on my way to offering safe aromatherapy options for my clients. Along the way, there were some blends that I found that worked really well for clients. I decided to offer my blends to other people as well as my clients to be able to help more people, and that was where Quen T'essentielle was born. The year 2020 brought along a lot of changes for many people, including myself. I had to make the difficult decision to retire as a reflexologist, but I still had that desire to help people and make them feel better so I decided to focus on the aromatherapy side of the business. Now, two years later, I am working at making this business the best it can be! Thank you all for coming along this journey with me, I can't wait to see where it takes me.
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