Melody Mckay – Every Child Matters Feather Pin


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Dimensions 6 × 10 × .8 cm

About the Artist

Melody McKay

Taanshi, my name is Melody Mckay (Zoldy), daughter of Grace Zoldy. I’m a mother of 3 adult children and I’m originally from a small Métis community called Camperville, MB. This is where I learned my heritage, harvesting & preserving skills and understanding of our Michif language. Learning to bead did not come easy to me, before learning to create I tried to teach myself by watching videos online and could not grasp the concept as I’m a hands-on learner. Four years after trying to learn I finally had a friend teach me and got it so quickly. As I look back now, I was not ready for the gift of beading as I find it to be medicine for my soul. Beading has given me patience, understanding & knowledge to teach this wonderful blessing to others who want to learn.

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