Lisa Delorme Meiler – Decorative Vases




Enjoy displaying the case on its own with your favorite blooms. The uniquely hand-painted vase by Metis fine artist Lisa Delorme Meiler, are inspired by nature and creatures from the Metis homeland and all of turtle island. The vases are dishwasher safe, but is recommended to hand wash the glassware to preserve the glass and artwork. Mild soap and water can be used. Use ECO program if washing in the dishwasher and place on the top rack.

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Pink Roses, Dragonflies, Blue Forest, Sunflowers

About the Artist

Lisa Delorme Meiler

Métis artist, Lisa Delorme Meiler’s work is imaginative. She draws from her life experiences and is inspired by nature, moods and memories, which are transformed into atmospheric landscapes and abstract depictions. She is able to translate her work into a visual form of storytelling that is vivid and expressive. Using pigment, paint and light into a visual window of an infinite moment in time.
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