John’s Jams


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John’s Jams

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Weight 1.17 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm

Peach, Peach Pineapple, Strawberry Rhubard, Pear pineapple, Grape, Beet pickles, Pickled Carrots, Strawberry, Peach Mango, Apricot Mango, Relish, Blueberry, Strawberry Pineapple, Blueberry Rum

About the Artist

John Wheeler

"John the Jam Guy" is originally from Flin Flon Manitoba. Berries and jam were a staple in my early life. Blueberries were abundant and jam was preserved for cold winter months. In the summer I often went to my grandparents' farm where raspberries and strawberries were preserved. These were pre-freezer days so jams were very important. High school, university and out into the work world. I was never far from my jammin roots and purchased a u-pick farm near St. Genevieve in Manitoba. Of course there was an excess of fruit and of course ... it became jam. And then came retirement ... what to do ... Remembering fresh bread, a slab of butter and fresh jam, I decided to make a batch. It was so good. I ended up making it for friends and neighbours. It was suggested that I go to farmers markets ... I did. To my surprise people bought my product and came back over and over. I ran out of the standard berry flavors so expanded to less available flavors. Then came the discovery of LESS SUGAR. By reducing the sugar, then jam became fruitier tasting, a bit healthier and in higher demand. It was a bit runnier thus more pourable. Ice cream and cheese cake became the new norm for my jams. Fantastic fun, healthy and tasty. I joined the Manitoba Métis Federation in 2018 in order to honour my ancestry. I have since found this affiliation to be beneficial in support for myself and my family. Their programs have helped in business and educational pursuits. Today you can find me at the Winnipeg Beach Farmers Market every weekend ... all summer long.
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