Joan Church – Floating Triple Heart Pin


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Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 × .8 cm

About the Artist


Joan has been beading since the early 80's and decided that she prefers the peyote stitch to other stitching due to the versatility of the stitch. She watched her grandmother bead when she was a child and it intrigued her but she never had the opportunity to learn. Then in the early 80's her local friendship centre offered lessons and she became a beader. She very much enjoys the craft and has found that she can diversify her beading techniques. During Covid, Infinity Women Secretariat asked if she would teach online classes and she accepted the offer. She is so grateful she did it because not only did she get to utilize her craft,  but she got to work with beautiful Red River Métis Women across the homeland. Her biggest seller has been lanyards and Keychains which she will custom color according to the buyers preference. She does this as it has been a great way to meet people and she enjoys it when she sees a customer's appreciative look.
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