Gray J Designs – Boujie Bark Coastal Fabric with Resin Pendant Necklace


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Birch bark accessories!!

Bark is from Manitoba, Treaty 2 and Homeland of the Métis Nation. Bark is sustainably harvested and offering made.

Backed with beadwork-looking fabric OR leather. Beaded edging.

Stainless ear wires with chain.

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Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 × .8 cm

About the Artist

Gray J Designs (Jacqueline “Jake” Freeman)

Jake is a self-taught contemporary artist working with many media; paints, beads, antler, leather, caribou hair, birchbark, quills, and metals - to name a few, but her passion has been jewelry making. Her work is ever-evolving and she wants to create pieces for all people to wear, display, or enjoy. She is grateful to learn from other artists and also teaches workshops so that participants understand the delicate work and the love that goes into each handmade piece. Her designs and creations can be seen on social media and her website - as well as various galleries in B.C. and Manitoba including shopWAG – Qaumajuq and Two Rivers Gallery Jake (she/her) is a Michif artist who was raised in the birthplace of the Métis Nation, Treaty 1 territory and the Homeland of the Metis Nation - in what is now known as Winnipeg. Her late mother (Lorraine) was the co-founder and past president of the Métis Culture and Heritage Resource Centre, so she was very fortunate to grow up knowing where her Michif roots come from. Some of her family lines include Fleury, Pritchard, Delorme, and Grant. Jake has moved to beautiful BC and currently resides on unceded Syilx territory of the Okanagan Nation. Jake continues to create unique pieces inspired by nature in her new surroundings using natural materials from the Homeland. Jake works full time and creates as a passion and holds a Chemical and Biosciences Technology diploma from Red River College and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba.
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