Gail Welburn – Peace Flower Earrings


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Round pearlescent earring with multi- coloured flowers making a peace sign.

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Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 × .8 cm

About the Artist

Gail Welburn

Taanshi my name is Gail Welburn, a Métis woman, Mother and Grandmother originally from the community of Camperville. I was blessed to be raised by a family that was proud of the Métis way of life. I was taught to speak my language (Michif), respect the land we harvested from and share with others. 

During the summer I spend a lot of my time gardening, picking berries and canning. During the winter months I have always enjoyed crafting and creating gifts with my hands. I have spent the last while learning to flat bead and found I really enjoy it. I hope to build on my skills and continue to create gifts and keepsakes for my loved ones and others that celebrate their culture.     

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