Darlene Monette – Green Ribbon Skirt




Adjustable waist band.

The modern version of the Ribbon Skirt may sometimes differ from its historical sister, and how it came to be is an illuminating story of how our modern Metis also developed. What our grandmothers wore, hundreds of years ago, may not be recognized as a Ribbon Skirt today, but began to show the elements that would start that evolution.   


The Ribbon Skirt represents our own personal reclamation. It represents reclaiming identity, and wearing that identity proudly. It has become armour. It is a cultural protection against assimilation and degradation. It is a reminder of our roles in our community as women and as members. It reminds us of our sacredness as women and the power in that. It tells our story of adaptation and survival.  

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8.5 × .8 cm

35, 30

About the Artist

Darlene Monette

Darlene Monette is an Métis Elder woman born in Portage La Prairie, MB. She learned to sew at a very young age. She taught herself to sew on an old petal machine and sewed her own clothes as it was cheaper that way, with the family not having much money. Her sewing over the years have including mending and adjusting ready-made outfits. A few years ago, her sister asked her to make her a ribbon skirt. Others saw her skirt and asked Darlene to make them a skirt, and it snowballed from there. Darlene adds her personal flair to the skirts as they are made without elastic and are more adjustable and comfortable with fabric ties. She makes her skirts very customized to the person who she is making it for. She believes that a ribbon skirt should represent the person wearing it, representing culture and strength. The colours have different meanings. Red, white, yellow and black represent the medicine wheel and the four directions. She finds that a person will choose colours that they are drawn to.
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