Connie Henry – Believe in Yourself/Believe in Metis Scarf Sashes


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About the Artist

Connie Henry

Connie is a Red River Métis Elder from San Clara, MB. Born in Roblin and raised in a farming community of Boggy Creek, MB. She is the 10th child of a family of 12. Both Connie’s parents were from North Dakota. Connie is a member of the Roblin Métis Local, which is part of the Northwest Region. Connie is a member of Infinity Woman Secretariat and is featured with pride in the month of July in their calendar with some of her merchandise. Connie works for a farmer during the grain farming season and is a part time Language keeper for the Dauphin Region. During the winter season is when you’ll see her crafting the most. Connie’s cousin Yvette Bouvier taught her to loom sashes over 20 years ago and she has made and sold well over 200 custom sashes since then. Connie looms custom sash scarves and hatbands. Connie self taught herself to bead, she has beaded earrings for herself, and has started beading pins for sale. Connie bought a printer for sublimating. She sublimates on earrings and T-shirts for herself and sells custom made tumblers. Connie loves crafting and will continue to pursue her craft ideas.
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