Colleen Weisbrodt – Horned Skull with Painted Horse


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Hand painted horse on buffallo skull.

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Weight 6.8 kg

About the Artist

Colleen Weisbrodt

Colleen is a proud Red River Métis; daughter, sister, mother, Kokom and friend. Spending her younger years in Lynn Lake, MB, truly taught her the value of community support and to appreciate the spirit and the untouched beauty of mother nature. Living in that world continues to inspire her. At the age 49, she reinvented herself and chose to become a Social Service Worker; which has allowed her to directly help other Métis in the same way that MMF has supported her. After graduation she obtained employment with the MMF in Brandon and now holds the position of Central Registry Officer there. In doing this work it has taught her that Métis crafts are an important part of keeping the Métis traditions alive. The ability to express the spirit of mother nature, and to appreciate the natural offering, continues to fill her spirit. She found her love and skills for craftwork following in the footsteps of her mother; she have continued to refine them making them uniquely hers. Her work, from diamond willow, feathers, raw animal skulls and antler; she is able to design unique one-of-a-kind creations. Customized designs are always welcomed. It is her hope that you are able to find something from her offerings that brings you joy and meaning; in as much as she has enjoyed creating them for you.
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