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Celeste Grouette – Ariel Rose Ornament


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Dimensions 6 × 10 × .8 cm

About the Artist

Celeste Grouette

I started beading at the tender age of six years old, taught first by Cree and Dene Elders as part of a Native Arts program offered to Indigenous students in my Elementary school in Northern British Columbia. In true Michif style my childhood was pretty nomadic, spent living all over Canada and the United states. My studies continued under Mi'kmaq Elders in Eel Ground, New Brunswick, Maliseet Elders in Indigenous cultural retreats in Nova Scotia, and Anishinaabe, Michif, and Sioux Elders here in Manitoba. Twenty-nine years later and I still consider myself a novice.

I started flat beading in the fall of 2021 and shortly after opened my business - Sweet Michif Beading. I find myself deeply inspired by the works of Jennine Krauchi, Judy Lafferty and Alphonse Mucha. Currently, I craft sash pins, necklaces and earrings, but I am working up to creating full flower beaded belts, vests, bags and coats.
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