Dress Hand Towels / Betty Albertson




Handing crocheted hand towel in a Dress Shaped with the Infinity symbol.

Additional information

Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 × .8 cm

White/Peach, Pink/White, Easter Colours, Pastels, Bright Pink

About the Artist

Betty Grace Albertson (Laviolette) 

I was born to Métis parents; my father was from St. John's N.L. and my mom was born in Boggy Creek, MB. Both sets of grandparents were from St. John's N.L. My parents spoke the Michif language and some of us used to speak it, but now, I just understand it. All in all we were one big happy family of 9 children in a 2 bedroom house.  I started knitting in November 2021, I do loom knitting and am trying to learn more. I joined a knitters group here at Dawson Trail and a lady gave me a set of looms and showed me how to use them. Once I started it was very easy, for the knitters group I made 100 toques in one year, The toques are given to Charity; Siloam Mission, Bear Clan, homeless, St. Amant, Christmas Cheer board, nursing homes also to Woman Shelters and now we also donate to Ukrainian Refugees. Now I’m learning to make dish cloths, kitchen hand towels, and I’m also going to be making scarves.
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