The Stak Co

Suzan Stupack inherited her love of feeding people from her grandmother, an incredible woman who always made everyone around her feel special. Between her grandmother and her aunties, family parties were a veritable food fest—and there was always a pot of delicious baked beans.

At an early age, Suzan learned about dietary restrictions to help her father manage health issues. Seeing how important nutritious meals were inspired a lifetime of cooking from scratch.

Suzan and her husband Andrew have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, a grandson, and two sons-in-law who love to eat! Her family has supported The Stak Co since its inception. From social media campaigns and accounting to helping out at farmers’ markets, they always find time to lend a helping hand.

When she’s not busy running her business and keeping her finger on the pulse of the food industry, Suzan enjoys walks along the lake near their home in Winnipeg Beach.