Skyler Sanderson

My name is Skyler Sanderson, I’m from the town of Waterhen. I am Métis, with Cree and Blackfoot heritage.

Young Visionary is 100% Indigenous owned streetwear brand that was founded in 2020 Young Visionary sells clothing, offers outsourcing for other businesses, and motivational speaking. I do printing and embroidery on luxury brand blanks.

I have a passion for clothing, fashion and style AND the passion to help others and be a voice.

Entrepreneurship is in my blood, I sold my first hoodie three years ago with a logo created off of a$7 app. I now have a workspace, my own equipment and I’m doing all the production myself.

What gets me up everyday is the drive to help others and give back. I strive to be a good role model, showing anything’s possible with hard work, and determination.

I grew up with limited resources, and as a teen went down the road of quick money without realizing the risks and how it can end badly. I want to help youth from going down that road before it’s too late. Eventually mentoring others to follow their own vision. I want to give at risk indigenous youth a second chance, because Young Visionary was my second chance.

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