Natalie Pepin

“Taanishi! Natalie Pepin dishinihkaashoon. Winnipeg d’ooshchiin maka Tawatinaw niwiken ekwa. Een faam Michif niya.

Hello! I’m Natalie Pepin. I’m originally from Winnipeg, but I live in the Tawatinaw Valley (in Northern Alberta) currently. I am a Metis Woman. Whether it’s in brain tanning hides, beading, or making birch bark baskets, I love expressing the artistic beauty of my culture.”

Natalie is a Harvard Graduate who left university with a desire to connect with the land. She lives in Northern Alberta where she teaches traditional Indigenous arts through her programs at Meeting My Ancestors and through Fort Edmonton. Beyond her work with sharing Metis culture and arts, she works to promote Indigenous food systems by hosting food sovereignty camps, supporting the design and implementation of gardens and food forests that feature our traditional foods and medicines.

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