Monica Gagnon

Monica started beading at a young age.  She was taught the basics by her best friend’s mom, a proud Cree woman. Monica then taught herself and watched other Artisan’s tutorials to learn more types of stitches. She finds beading to be very relaxing and she uses it as a productive outlet for her OCD.

She was born in St. Boniface, and married a Métis man and she loves that she is surrounded by her Métis culture. This inspired her to create unique pieces. She loves the different flowers and colors used in the Métis beadwork.  She has numerous projects on the go and is currently working on a leather backed piece for a vest.

She loves to make small affordable items so everyone can have a piece of the Métis culture. She looks forward to making more beautiful items and having them displayed in the Red River Métis Marketplace.

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