Marissa Sinclair

A proud Métis woman from Duck Bay, currently residing in Dauphin, Marissa Sinclair recently began her beading journey. She had always admired Métis beadwork, the intricate designs of our flowers that tell our stories – something she wanted to learn and showcase herself. Marissa participated in the Little Métis Sing With Me Workshop, which taught basic two-needle beading. She started watching TikTok and YouTube videos on different techniques and styles.

Marissa recently began designing memorial pins for family and friends as a reminder to always keep loved ones close to our hearts. These memorial pins showcase our loved ones – who they are, their favourite colour, family history, and what part of the Métis Nation they come from. As the Centre Director at Michif Children’s Place, Marissa will be incorporating the history and art of beadwork into the curriculum.

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