Jodi Brown

Jodi wears many different hats on any given day. She is a wife, a surrogate auntie, a daughter, a sister, a member of the Tuckett family fiddler band, a baker and a student. After many years of working in the social services and addictions field she left the workforce to attain her bachelor’s of social work degree as a mature student. After her graduation from the social work program and gaining some experience in the city, Jodi and her husband hope to acquire some land to farm, hunt, practice earthing and teach introductory skills in self sufficiently that our ancestors once used. On this property their vision is to create a place for struggling families to learn how to reconnect and bond with each other through skill building. Jodi’s small business, Life With The Wild is part of that desire to assist others in returning to wholistic living and creating. The shop currently resides online and her artisan levain sourdough baking is small batch made to order. It is filled with nutrients and probiotics that are excellent for gut health as well as delightful to the taste buds.