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Hello, I’m Edison Bouvier and I’m 3 years old. Close friends and family call me “Eddie”. I am what people would call a “pandemic baby”. Of course there have been many negative effects as a result, to not only us littles, but to everyone in general. I wanted to us some of my talent and ambition to stop the worry and darkness that plagued us all and restore smiles, kindness, love, and hope! Here’s my story of how MagnEddies came to be:

In the New Year, due to provincial restrictions, my daycare closed and my family and I were forced to self isolate. My Moms’ weren’t prepared for how to keep my sister and I entertained and learning all day. On the first day of Isolation we had a knock at the door!!  To our surprise, 2 “my little Métis boxes” from the Manitoba Métis Federation were on our step for my sister and I. Inside the boxes were many children’s activities, toys, markers, cooking supplies, reading materials, games, etc. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time!

One of the crafts in particular was fascinating to me. It was a craft teaching me how to make beads and do beadwork. I loved it Soooooo much that my mom found a workable clay recipe for me that was easier for me to manipulate. Daily I began rolling, stamping, baking and finally painting my little creations. With all that energy and accumulating masterpieces – my mom thought we could turn them into MAGNETS. This would become a way to give back to this great Province, all its citizens, and the generous organizations. Organizations such as the MMF and Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Inc. who gave selflessly to my family and I. Things such as: activities, books, toys, traditional medications, food hampers, PPE, and to people “checking in” to see if we needed anything…you name it, it was there when or if required.  

The net proceeds from the sales of the Magnets, will be donated back to local charities and organizations who gave us their hand to hold when we needed it. We want to show our support and gratitude by helping them thrive, to continue to do the great things they do for us all! 

I need to give so much credit to my mommies (and my sister, Isla) for assisting me on this journey and for all their help, and encouragement. They have helped me with detailed designs, packaging, getting the word out and for making the donations on my behalf. But Most Importantly I have to give thanks to all of YOU for your kindness, generosity, motivation and support. YOU are truly the ones making the difference in the lives of so many. Without your purchases these donations would not be possible!!

If you have Facebook, please search for my name “MagnEddies” give me a like, share my page and recommend my mission!

Love from: Edison Bouvier


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