Christine Brouzes

Christine Brouzes is a sought after Métis beading artist. Born in Winnipeg in the 70’s, she was raised with limited exposure to her culture. As a child, her grandmother gave her a small pot of ‘bead soup’ that she has to this day. It sparked a creative exploration that grew and brought Christine to learn beadings‘ connection to the Métis. Since 2016 Christine has made hundreds of custom medallions that are worn and displayed across the world.

When the pandemic began, Christine found herself with no beadwork orders. She used this time to explore a new medium. Polymer clay. With a passion for advocacy and spreading meaning through her art, Christine began production, at her dining room table, of a line of tiny clay pins and earrings. Tiny pins, big meanings include red dress, orange shirt, semicolon, pink shirt, Pride flag and even a tiny glow in the dark Métis infinity symbol! 

The idea of a pin being displayed year round, not just on a special annual day of support, excites Christine. ‘It’s a tiny way to show your support, to start conversations and spread awareness’. 

Christine has made donations to charities related to each of the images she produces. 

Artist, mother, wife, civil servant, non-profit director, board member… Christine Brouzes wears many hats, all as a proud Métis woman!

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