Chad Laviolette

Born and raised in Roblin, MB and lived in Winnipeg since the age of 1 year.

At the age of 10. Chad drew his first picture of “Boo the Bear” taken from a McDonald’s glass.  His family were shocked and claimed that the picture was really good and his drawings came to be from there when he took a liking to sketching and drawing.

He lost site of my art when in high school and regained it when he married in 2006.

During the COVID lockdown, he started drawing and painting on canvas and rocks.  He then realized that he had quite the collection and started to sell them.  Sales flourished and people started to request custom orders.

In 2020 Chad and his wife moved to Regina, Saskatchewan and sales continued there.

Now his creativity has branched out to carving, sign making, woodworking, and cement molds for gardens and continues to paint on canvas as well